HCM focuses on different multi-family asset classes throughout the real estate cycle. HCM unitizes its malleable capital sources to create complex real estate ownership structures that exploit common capital inefficiencies to leverage our investors' returns. 



Hughes Capital Management, Inc. owns and develops medical office and ambulatory surgery centers in Texas as investment properties and investment partnerships.



Extensive market relationships ensure Hughes Capital Management, Inc.'s ability to deliver successful projects on-time and on budget for a variety of requirements and clients.



Hughes Capital Management, Inc. operates a portfolio of owned properties and a portfolio of properties it treats with personal care, in its relentless focus on value creation through effective property management and leasing strategies.



Development Services

Hughes Capital Management, Inc. delivers development services and solutions. The firm's experience includes the construction and development of over five million square feet of commercial projects, including office, medical office, industrial, and multi-family projects. Successful developments combine a thorough understanding of the local landscape of entitlements, consulting, construction professionals and processes with relentless dedication to detail. Hughes Capital Management's full-service capabilities and its local market relationships enable the firm to identify and execute development opportunities. For additional information regarding Development Opportunities or Build to Suit Projects contact: Justin Scott at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (512) 615-9510.