HCM focuses on different multi-family asset classes throughout the real estate cycle. HCM unitizes its malleable capital sources to create complex real estate ownership structures that exploit common capital inefficiencies to leverage our investors' returns. 



Hughes Capital Management, Inc. owns and develops medical office and ambulatory surgery centers in Texas as investment properties and investment partnerships.



Extensive market relationships ensure Hughes Capital Management, Inc.'s ability to deliver successful projects on-time and on budget for a variety of requirements and clients.



Hughes Capital Management, Inc. operates a portfolio of owned properties and a portfolio of properties it treats with personal care, in its relentless focus on value creation through effective property management and leasing strategies.


What We Do

Hughes Capital Management, Inc. is a privately-held, full-service investment management firm dedicated to the development of high quality real estate assets and the long-term interests of the firm's partners and clients. Hughes Capital Management, Inc. has long been an active investor in the medical office and specialized medical facility sector. Healthcare real estate has been, and continues to be, a specialized market area whose steady growth and significant barriers to newcomers lends to the firm’s long-term focus on creating sustainable value through real estate and investments. The firm has an in-depth expertise in the development of medical office buildings and ambulatory surgery facilities, which translates into positive results. Hughes Capital Management, Inc. develops long-term relationships with physicians and hospital systems, founded upon the firm’s ability to anticipate and fulfill real estate needs. Our commitment to this market yields a complete understanding of its real estate requirements, which translates into significant cost savings over the life of a project. Hughes Capital Management, Inc. delivers development services and solutions. The firm’s experience includes the construction and development of over 3.0 million square feet of commercial projects, including office, medical office, industrial, and multi-family projects. Successful developments combine a thorough understanding of the local landscape of entitlements, consulting, construction professionals and processes with relentless dedication to detail. Hughes Capital Management Inc.’s full-service capabilities and its local market relationships enable the firm to identify and execute development opportunities. Landa Property Management, Inc., a wholly-owned affiliate of Hughes Capital Management, Inc., was founded in 1996 to manage apartment projects and the firm's commercial portfolio. The portfolio includes office, and medical office buildings, apartments, and the marina. The property management team is focused on providing building owners with extensive knowledge, personalized service, and proven attention to detail. The firm's primary objective is to enhance the value of the property over the long and short term. The Hughes Capital Management team integrates the elements of managing, engineering and accounting to maximize asset values. The firm's portfolio has included every property type from mid-rise office, suburban office, medical office, and marinas. Their comprehensive experience in commercial real estate and their commitment to building relationships with clients and tenants, have a strong impact on the performance of any property. The firm's real estate holdings are extensive, incliding strategic land positions and income producing assets, all of which have been acquired by the firm with a focus on creating long-term value creation and investment opportunities. Hughes Capital Management, Inc., and its affiliates have a long history of looking deep into an investment's long-term sustainable nature, and have never been driven by high risk, short-term deals. Hughes Capital Management, Inc., attempts to create value by seeking opportunities to partner with tenants, owners and communities who are looking for a stable organization with an eye to the future. The difference in a great opportunity could be location, entitlement, contractual rights, or concept. Hughes Capital Management evalutes these differences to yield the best opportunities and outcomes for the partner.